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Challenges in education: Bolivia and Peru
What: Challenges in education: Bolivia and Peru, a conference on development policies. The purpose of the conference was to convene a specific group of development officials and experts with experience and specialization in education policy to examine the education situation in Bolivia and Peru, analyze current challenges and discuss policy options that may contribute to improving education outcomes within these two countries. This was a great opportunity to interact with specialists that have unique expertise in policy-making. The conference also served as a venue to share knowledge and provide practical and tangible support to the development of new and effective policies.

When: June 17, 2010

Where: FOCAL Board Room

Who: Cesar Guadalupe, Senior Program Specialist, UNESCO-UIS presented on teacher-related policies and the need to produce evidence for policy purposes.

María Cristina Mejía, International Consultant, Former Education Minister of Bolivia presented on challenges in education under the new decentralization scheme in Bolivia.

Javier Luque, Education Specialist, World Bank presented on improving the quality of education in Peru.

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