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Raúl Prebisch: His Legacy in Latin America

What: Raúl Prebisch: His Legacy in Latin America:


When: Nov. 26, 2010

Where: FOCAL Board Room

Who: Edgar J. Dosman, author of The Life and Times of Raúl Prebisch 1901-86. Raúl Prebisch was Latin America's most notable development thinker in the past century and an enormously controversial pioneer in international development and the United Nations. Was he a "misundertood moderate" with continuing relevance today,25 years after his death? Why is his legacy particularly important as Latin America adjusts to global realignment? Edgar J. Dosman is currently Senior Research Fellow at York University and teaches the Latin America Regions seminar in the IMBA Program at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Educated at Oxford and Harvard University, his previous appointments include Co-Director of the Canada-Mexico Dialogue, founding Executive Director of FOCAL (Canadian Foundation of the Americas) in Ottawa, Board Member of the Canadian Council of the Americas, and Visiting Professor of International Relations in Mexico. A consultant, analyst, writer and commentator on inter-American affairs, his most recent book is The Life and Times of Raúl Prebisch 1901-86.  The Government of Brazil has awarded him the Ordem do Rio Branco for his contribution to Canadian-Brazilian relations.


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