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The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is no longer in operation. This website documents FOCAL's activities and accomplishments throughout its existence. Thank you for your interest in the work of FOCAL.

Research Forum on Haiti

Haiti has been and will continue to be Canada’s priority in the Americas. The Canadian commitment to Haiti is both significant and long-term. FOCAL's work on Haiti focused on three areas: the private sector's role in development through job creation and economic growth as well as support for education; research and dialogue to facilitate an expanded role for Latin America in Haiti; and strengthening the Haitian Diaspora as a development actor in its own right.

FOCAL's Research Forum on Haiti enhanced ongoing Canadian assistance and co-operation efforts in Haiti by sharing information, building partnerships identifying new ideas and policy options for Haitian, Canadian, Latin American and multilateral actors engaged in Haiti.

Haiti: Role of Private Sector, the Willson House Process

Starting in September 2005, FOCAL and the Inter-American Dialogue convened a series of groundbreaking meetings between leaders of the Haitian private sector and international donors at Willson House on Meech Lake near Canada’s capital city, in Atlanta and in Port-au-Prince. These meetings were a unique attempt to harness some of the ideas and energy of the one sector in Haiti with the resources, skills and capacity to reduce poverty from within and to help build capacity for development in Haiti through formalization, modernization, privatization and decentralization in a variety of sectors. The meeting also provided the starting point for a discussion of the private sector's role in supporting education reforms, a particular area of business involvement and investment. This experiment in bringing private sector leaders together with the international development community came to be known as the Willson House Process.

Haiti: Selected Publications

Preparing_land_for_planting_Photo_by_Trees_for_the_Future_webFood Price Crisis 2007-2008: Lessons for the Commonwealth Caribbean and Haiti

Jean-Charles Le Vallée
FOCAL Policy Brief
August 2011



Clark et Preval IVAn États Généraux for Haiti. Third Roundtable of the Willson House Process

FOCAL Event Report
August 2011


DPIimageReaching the “cocobai”: Reconstruction and persons with disabilities in Haiti

Cassandra Phillips
FOCAL Policy Paper
January 2011

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Please visit Disabled Peoples' International for further reference.

Haiti and Latin America's Emerging Donors

Haiti_FOCAL_and_MINUSTAH_IIILatin American countries are taking increasingly prominent roles in the region, including in Haiti. Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay are playing a leading role in the United Nations' Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). These countries and Mexico are looking for ways to move from the military and peacekeeping mission to long-term engagement in Haiti, promoting development and governance. Canada, alongside other actors such as Spain, can facilitate this engagement in order to promote more co-operation in rebuilding Haiti.

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Haitian Diaspora

The Haitian Diaspora is a vital part of Haiti's economic, social and political life. The diaspora sends several times more money than all forms of official development assistance combined. The diaspora plays and will continue to play an important role in rebuilding and developing Haiti.


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