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The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is no longer in operation. This website documents FOCAL's activities and accomplishments throughout its existence. Thank you for your interest in the work of FOCAL.

Haitian Diaspora

In addition to researching the diaspora, FOCAL facilitated discussions between the diaspora and development actors. FOCAL helped develop and organize the 2005 Montreal conference, which convened members of the international Haitian diaspora with international donors to discuss the multi-donor Interim Co-operation Framework for Haiti. This was one of the first times international donors had consulted with a diaspora community and has become a precedent that has led to a new round of donor engagement after the 2010 earthquake.

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This report summarizes results of discussions and recommendations to the government of Canada from a two-day meeting convened by Foreign Affairs Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency and organized by FOCAL to examine the role of the Haitian Diaspora in supporting the Interim Cooperation Framework for Haiti. It includes the text of speeches by Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada, Prime Minister Gérard Latortue of Haiti, CIDA Minister Aileen Carroll and Foreign Minister Pettigrew.

An Executive Summary is available in English.

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