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The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is no longer in operation. This website documents FOCAL's activities and accomplishments throughout its existence. Thank you for your interest in the work of FOCAL.

Diasporas & Remittances

Related publications:

Diasporas and Private Sector Development: Impacts and Opportunities
Carlo Dade and Per Unheim
FOCAL Research Paper
April 2007

Survey of Remittance Recipients in Four Parishes in Jamaica: Analysis of Data
Carlo Dade
August 2006

The Privatization of Foreign Development Assistance
Carlo Dade
FOCAL Policy Paper
July 2006

Meeting between Latin American and Caribbean Diaspora Organizations, Foreign Affairs Canada and the Canadian International Development Agency
Oct. 26, 2005
Final Report

Caribbean Diasporas, Remittances and Development Conference Series
May 30, 2005, Toronto - May 31, 2005, Montreal
Final Report

Conference on "Unleashing Entrepreneurship: Mobilizing Human, Financial, and Social Capital"
Fernando Jimenez-Ontiveros, Multilateral Investment Fund, Inter-American Development Bank: Remittances, Diasporas and Economic Development
Sandra Nichols, California Institute for Rural Studies: Technology Transfer Through Mexican Migration
Patrice Backer, PromoCapital Haiti: Overseas Haitians and the Haitian Diaspora

Globalization, Immigrants' Transnational Agency and Economic Development in their Homelands
Rudi Robinson
FOCAL Policy Paper
November 2004
Also available in Spanish

Think Local, Act Global: Labour migration and emerging challenges of policymaking in a transnational world
Katharine E. Andrade-Eekhoff
FOCAL Policy Paper
October 2004
Also available in Spanish

Diaspora, Migration and Development in the Caribbean
Keith Nurse
FOCAL Policy Paper
September 2004

FOCALPOINT: Canada's Spotlight on the Americas
March 2004
Special Edition on Migration and Remittances

Workshop on Hemispheric Integration and Transnationalism in the Americas
Guatemala City, Feb. 16-17, 2004
Final Report (disponible en español)

The Impact of Migration in the Caribbean and Central American Region
Manuel Orozco
FOCAL Policy Paper
March 2003
Also available in Spanish



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