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FOCALPoint: Canada's Spotlight on the Americas
FOCALPoint July-August 2011

era Lúcia Barrouin Crivano at the Third Plenary Session of the Organization of American States.

Canadians largely indifferent to Latin America and the Caribbean
Victor Armony and Jack Jedwab

While the government promotes engagement in the Americas, Canadians show little interest in the region.

Also in this edition:

Moving beyond peacekeeping

Border violence spreading to heartland | FR

Colombian minorities under threat

Canada's humanitarian agenda lacks focus | FR

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FOCALPoint June 2011

Olivia Chow stands with UFCW demonstrators

Canada's highest court rules against farm workers
Kerry Preibisch

The Supreme Court upholds Ontario law denying agricultural workers collective bargaining rights.

Also in this edition:

Temporary workers as nation builders

Red tape slows program in Quebec | FR

The women left behind by migration

Federal reforms inadequate | FR

Mexicans in Canada's agriculture | SP

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FOCALPoint May 2011

U.S. Secretary of Labour Hilda Solis

Mexicans in the United States labour market | SP
Alejandro Álvarez Bejar

A basic demographic complementarity is driving labour integration between the two countries.

Also in this edition:

Building a foreign policy legacy

Summitry to tackle insecurity

Liberalizing the media | SP

Peru and reconciliation | FR

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FOCALPoint April 2011


Peru's general election: Volatile to the end
Fabiola Bazo and Maxwell A. Cameron

The country's election race has been marked by candidate-centred campaigns.

Also in this edition:

Power sources in the wake of a nuclear disaster

Cuba's Communist Congress conundrum

Economic troubles for Cuba

Corruption in Brazil

Haitians facing evictions

Bolivian swing away from autonomy  


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March 2011


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FOCAL Views: Chipping away at democratic institutions

Testing Salvadoran democracy
Carlos A. Rosales

Karen Atala versus Chile in the inter-American human rights system | SP
Macarena Sáez

Guatemalan temporary workers in Canada
Federico Urruela

The Colombia-Venezuela conflict: Much ado about nothing? | FR
Hugo Loiseau

Indigenous rights in Argentina | SP
Maria Delia Bueno

February 2011


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FOCAL Views: A call for re-engagement in North America

Whither North America?
Robert A. Pastor

Public insecurity and the private sector in Mexico
David A. Robillard and Duncan Wood

North American security perimeter: Table for three? | SP
Victoria M. Osuna

Mérida Initiative: Building a stronger security partnership
Brandi Lowell and Keith Mines

Energy and the environment in North America: Critical linkages
Jeffrey Schott and Meera Fickling

Assessing North American transborder environmental impacts
Rick Van Schoik

North American security: The missing agenda
Jorge Chabat

The Caribbean: The third U.S. border
Hilton A. McDavid

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