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December 2007
Vol. 6, No. 10

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Note from the Editor - The Different Angles of Gender Analysis
Rachel Schmidt

Striking the Right Balance: The Recruitment of Female Migrant Workers to Canada
Monica Boyd and Joanne Nowak

No Girls Allowed? Recruitment and Gender in Colombian Armed Groups
Rachel Schmidt

Women’s Struggle for Truth, Justice and Reparation: Psycho-Social Approaches to Trauma in Guatemala
Colleen Duggan

Trafficking Women: Moving Beyond National Security
Barb Maclaren

Weavers of Life, Wisdom and Peace: Colombia’s Indigenous Women
Gloria Amparo Rodriguez

Tejedoras de Vida, de Sabres y de Paz: Las Mujeres Indígenas de Colombia
Gloria Amparo Rodriguez

November 2007
Vol. 6, No. 9

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Note from the Editor - Argentina's New Leader
Rachel Schmidt

Haiti: Putting Gender and Peacekeeping into Practice
Nadine Puechguirbal

Do Common Law Traditions Conflict with the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights?
Anthony Knox

The 2007 Leader’s Summit: Progress is Still too Slow
Perrin Beatty

Cuba’s Future: The Missing Variable
Racquel Smith

FOCAL Hosts Haitian Senators
Leslie Fillion-Wilkinson

October 2007
Vol. 6, No. 8

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Note from the Editor
Rachel Schmidt

How Competitive are Latin America’s Schools?
Tamara Ortega Goodspeed and Jeffrey Puryear

Public-Private Collboration in Education: A New Development Model for Haiti
Leslie Fillion-Wilkinson and Carlo Dade

Education as Protection in Contexts of Armed Conflict: The Case of Colombia
Eleanor Douglas

Informal Education and Peacebuilding by Colombian Youth
Linda Dale

Chávez and the Bolivarian Education System / Chávez y el sistema educativo bolivariano
Mariano Herrera

September 2007
Vol. 6, No. 7


Canadian Exports to South America are Booming
Stephen Poloz

Flow-through Shares and Incentives: Funding Patience in Consultations
Jean Pierre Chabot

Disposable Youth: The “Social Cleansing” of Children in Colombia
Rachel Schmidt

Haiti: Taking the Next Step
Caroline Lavoie (also published in French)

Striving for Equitable Development: Energy and Indigenous Governance in Bolivia
Omairia Mindiola (also published in Spanish)

The Face of Poverty and Natural Disasters: Peru
Racquel Smith

August 2007, Special Issue: Montebello Leaders' Summit
Vol. 6


Foreword: Common Sense and the SPP
Carlo Dade

North American Leaders Reinforce the Benefits of Cooperation,
David H. Wilkins

Achieving True Security and Prosperity for North Americans:
The Leaders’ Summit in Montebello
Emilio Goicoechea

The North American Summit: More or Less than It Seems?
Robert A. Pastor

NAFTA All Over Again?Promoting a Better Understanding of the SPP
Thomas d’Aquino

The 2007 Leaders’ Summit:
What’s in it for Us?
Perrin Beatty

Will North American Leaders Follow Through on Energy?
Joseph M. Dukert

Obstacles to North American Integration: The Rhetoric and Reality in Mexican Foreign Policy
Athanasios Hristoulas

The Potential for Canada-Mexico-U.S. Cooperation
José Luis Valdés Ugalde

A North American Approach to Energy Security: The Case of Two G8 Countries and an Emerging Economy
Lourdes Melgar

July-August 2007
Vol. 6, No. 6


Canada, the Americas and the Caribbean
Carlo Dade

Op-Ed: For a Bolstering of Canada’s Leadership in the Americas
Rt. Hon. Joe Clark

Canada and the Colombian Conflict: Opportunities and Perspectives
Sandra Borda and Maria Paz Berger

Brazil and Canada: Convergent Interests
José Botafogo Gonçalves

Chile-Canada Relations: Forging a Common Experience
Carlos Huneeus

Canada’s Developmental Role in the Caribbean
John Rapley

Haiti-Canada: Quel futur?
Jacky Lumarque

May-June 2007, Special Edition on Labour Migration and Development
Vol. 6


Latin America and the Caribbean: Skilled Migration, Alternatives, and Old and New Questions
Jorge Martínez Pizarro and Corina Courtis

Temporary Migration as a Way of Life
Laura Dawson

International Migration and Human Development in El Salvador
William Pleitez

Ecuador-Spain Co-Development: Illusion or Reality?
Richard Salazar

Foreign Workers in Canadian Agriculture: Not an All-Male Cast
Kerry Preibisch

Beyond Remittances and Migration Reform
Katharine Andrade-Eekhoff

The 3x1 Program in Mexico: Achievements and Challenges
Rodolfo García Zamora

June 2007
Vol. 6, No. 5


Mexico-Brazil Relations: Status and Prospects
Gerónimo Gutiérrez

The US Demographic Shift
Carlo Dade

The Mother of All Reforms
Juan Antonio Blanco

Ethanol and Latin America: Economic Opportunity or Impediment to Growth?
Matthew Fuller

The Guatemalan Electoral Roll Key to Citizen Participation
María Alejandra Erazo

May 2007
Vol. 6, No. 4


Chávez Between Romanticism and Pragmatism
Miguel Ángel Santos

Constituent Assembly and Turmoil in Ecuador
Andrés Mejía Acosta

Mexico and Brazil: Myths and Reality, Toward a New Vision for Cooperation
Federico Vázquez

The Paradox of Cuban American Identity
Guillermo Grenier

Chávez entre el romanticismo y el pragmatismo
Miguel Ángel Santos

April 2007
Vol. 6, No. 3


Bank of the South: Politically Driven Agenda Duplicates Existing Institutions
Vladimir Torres

A Revitalized Policy for the Americas
John W. Graham

Cuba’s Energy Future
Jorge Piñon

Brazil and Mexico Edging Towards a Strategic Relationship?
Alberto Pfeifer

Troubles Mounting in Guatemala
Carlos A. Rosales

March 2007
Vol. 6, No. 2 


A Word from the Executive Director
Carlo Dade

Finish the Canada–Central America Four Trade Negotiations
Donald R. Mackay

New Data Sheds Light on Remittance Sending Patterns of Immigrants in Canada
Per Unheim

Governance and the Extractive Industries on Indigenous Territories
Jean-Pierre Chabot

February 2007, Special Edition on Cuba
Vol. 6


Foreword: Debates on Cuba’s Present and Future
Ana Faya

Canada’s “New” Conservative Government’s
Foreign Policy: Implications for Canada’s Policy of Constructive Engagement with Cuba?
Cristina Warren

US-Cuba Relations: The Limits of Wishful Thinking
Dan Erikson

The Cuban Economy After Fidel
Archibald R. M. Ritter

A New Mexican Government Faces Cuba
Ana Covarrubias

European Union Policy Towards a New Government in Cuba
Susanne Gratius

Canada, Cuba, Race and Engagement
Carlo Dade

January-February 2007
Vol. 6, No. 1 


Haiti: Economic Growth and Violence
Carlo Dade

The Indigenous Peoples’ Difficult Road to the Millennium Goals
Omaira Mindiola

Talking Integration in Latin America
Vladimir Torres

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