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FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 10 -
November/December 2004
Feature articles:

  • The Current Challenges of Venezuelan Democracy, by Ana María Sanjuán
  • Chile's 2004 Municipal Elections, by Carlos Huneeus
  • Cracking Nest Eggs, by Ana Yanes
  • The Impact of Higher Oil Prices on Oil Producing Countries: The Mexican Case, 
    by Isabelle Rousseau

FOCAL POINT Special Edition on Brazil-Canada Relations [November 2004] 
Feature articles:

  • Brazil Matters - FOCAL Editorial by Florencia Jubany
  • Brazil and Canada: Addressing the "Relationship Deficit", by Ambassador Valdemar Carneiro Leão Neto
  • Building Better Bridges Across the Hemisphere, by W.E. (Ted) Hewitt
  • Canada and Brazil 2004: Realizing the Potential, by Senator Mac Harb
  • On Brazil and Trade: Does the South-South Agenda Add Up? by Annette Hester
  • Canada-Brazil Relations: A View from Canadian Business, by Tim G. Plumptre
  • Future Common Agenda for Brazil and Canada: Synergies on New Issues in Agricultural Trade, by Jubany, Kerr and Loppacher
  • The Brazilian Economy, by Philippe Faucher
  • Brazilian Foreign Policy: Another Route or a New Step Forward? by Ricardo Sennes and Alexandre Barbosa
  • Lula's Liberal Social Policy, by Sylvain F. Turcotte

Canada et le Brésil - Édition spéciale
  • Le déficit relationnel du Brésil et du Canada; Ambassadeur Valdemar Carneiro Leão Neto
  • À la recherche de l’harmonie : le Canada et le Brésil à l’aube du XXI e siècle; W.E. (Ted) Hewitt
  • Canada–Brésil 2004 : Réaliser le potentiel; Senateur Mac Harb
  • Le Brésil et le commerce : Un programme Sud-Sud est-il envisageable? Annette Hester
  • Relations Canada–Brésil : Le point de vue du monde canadien des affaires; Tim G. Plumptre
  • Le programme futur Brésil–Canada : Travailler en synergie sur de nouveaux domaines du commerce des produits agricoles; Florencia Jubany, William A. Kerr et Laura J. Loppacher
  • L’économie brésilienne : « O Vôo de Galinha »; Philippe Faucher
  • La politique étrangère brésilienne : changement de parcours ou nouveau pas en avant? Ricardo Sennes et Alexandre Barbosa
  • Le sociolibéralisme de Lula; Sylvain F. Turcotte

Brazil/Canada - Ediçâo Especial
  • Reduzindo o “Déficit de Relacionamento”; Embaixador Valdemar Carneiro Leão Neto
  • Melhores Iniciativas de Aproximação em todo Hemisfério: as Relaçoes entre o Canadá e o Brasil no Início do Século XXI;W.E. (Ted) Hewitt
  • Canadá e Brasil 2004: Alcançando o Potencial; Senator Mac Harb
  • Brasil e o Comércio Internacional: Que Resultado Traz a Agenda Sul-Sul? Annette Hester
  • A Relação Canadá-Brazil Do Punto de Vista do Empresariado Canadense; Tim G. Plumptre
  • Futura Agenda Comum para o Brasil e o Canadá: Sinergias em Novas Questões no Comércio de Produtos Agrícolas ;Florencia Jubany, William A. Kerr, and Laura J. Loppacher
    A Economia Brasileira : “O Vôo de Galinha”; Philippe Faucher
  • A Política Externa Brasileira: Otro Caminho ou um Passo Enfrente? Ricardo Sennes and Alexandre Barbosa
  • A Política Social Liberal do Lula; Sylvain F. Turcotte

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 9 - October 2004
Feature articles:

  • Mexico and Canada: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly…and the Pragmatic, by Isabel Studer
  • Bush, Kerry, and Castro: Stormy Relations Ahead, by Daniel Erikson
  • Local Elections in Ecuador: Continuity and Change, by Jorge León T.
  • Preventive Diplomacy at Work: Safeguarding Democracy in Nicaragua, by Claudia Paguaga
  • Selecting a New OAS Secretary General, by Donald Mackay
  • Keep the Summit the Leading Edge of the New OAS, by Robin Rosenberg

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 8 - September 2004
Feature articles:

  • Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, New Secretary General of the OAS: Fast out of the Gate, by John W. Graham
  • The Crucial Role of the Latino Vote in the US Presidential Election, by Michael Shifter
  • Democratic Security in Colombia: At What Cost? by Daniel Bland
  • Transparency and Citizen Participation in Judicial Appointment in Bolivia, by Ramiro Orias
  • Caribbean: Politics of Aid and Neglect, by Carlo Dade

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 7 - July/August 2004
Feature articles:

  • Peace in Colombia: Mission Impossible?, by Andrés Rozental
  • The Seven Lives of Hugo Chavez, by Maxwell A. Cameron
  • Succession in Mexico: The Last Temptation of an Old Regime, by Olga Abizaid
  • Hugo Chávez’ Triumph Is Also Fidel Castro’s, by Ana J. Faya
  • Mercoskeptics Gaining Strength: This Time in Brazil, by Florencia Jubany and Donald Mackay
  • Historic Recall Referendum Reaffirms Chavez’ Presidency, by Judy Meltzer

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 6 - June 2004
Feature articles:

  • The CARICOM Initiative towards Haiti – A Case of Small States Diplomacy, by Colin Granderson
  • Venezuela’s Forthcoming Revocatory Referendum, by Margarita López Maya
  • Ecuador: Gutiérrez Walks the Alliance Tightrope, by Judy Meltzer
  • The Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba: Campaign Fantasy or Credible Blueprint? by Daniel P. Erikson
  • High Level – Low Output: The Quito General Assembly, by John W. Graham

FOCAL POINT Special Edition on Haiti
Feature articles:

  • Origins of the Current Crisis: The Chimeres of Washington, D.C, by Robert Maguire
  • The Organised Peasant Movement Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place, by Chavannes Jean-Baptiste
  • Private Investment: The Cure for Chronic Ailments, by Yves Savain
  • Bases of a Successful Approach to Haiti, by James R. Morrell
  • And If Haitians Could Express Themselves? by Madeleine Desnoyers
  • Canada in Post-Aristide Haiti, by Carlo Dade

Numéro spécial sur Haïti en Français
À LA MÉMOIRE DE Marx Vilaire Aristide

  • Origines de la crise actuelle : les Chimères de Washington;Robert Maguire
  • Le mouvement paysan organisé pris entre le fer et l’enclume;Chavannes Jean-Baptiste
  • Investissement privé : le remède à des maux chroniques;Yves Savain
  • Bases d’une approche fructueuse de Haïti; James R. Morrell
  • Et si on laissait de la place aux Haïtiens? Madeleine Desnoyers
  • Le Canada dans le Haïti de l’après Aristide; Carlo Dade

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 5 - May 2004
Feature articles:

  • Quito and Beyond: The OAS and the Crisis of Multilateralism in the Americas, by Robin L. Rosenberg
  • Cuba and Mexico: Changing the Rules of the Game, or the Game Itself?, by Ana Covarrubias
  • Panamanian Election Bulletin, by Raúl Leis R.
  • Concertation - Voices from Haiti, by Carlo Dade
  • A Regional Solution To Latin American Corruption, by Carlos March

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 4 - April 2004
Feature articles:

  • Venezuela: Institutions, Indecision and Referendum Turmoil, by Judy Meltzer
  • Waiting for Justice: Beyond Nicaragua’s Alemán Case, by Claudia Paguaga
  • The Vote on Cuba and its Discontents, by Juan Antonio Blanco
  • Haiti: Un passé qui ne passe pas, by Carlo Dade
  • Editorial: Believing if Not Seeing the FTAA, by Donald R. Mackay

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 3 - March 2004
Feature articles:

  • NAFTA at Ten: A Mexican View, by Gustavo Vega-Cánovas
  • The US-Central America Free-Trade Agreement, by Isaac Cohen
  • Concertación – El Salvador’s Post-Election Challenge, by Celia Medrano
  • Rebuilding Haiti: The Test for Canada, by Carlo Dade
  • Terrorism: A Controversial Term in Cuban Political Language, by Ana J. Faya

FOCAL POINT, Special Edition No.3 - March 2004
Migration and Remittances

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 2 - February 2004
Feature articles:

  • Canada and the New North-South Divide in the Americas, by Gordon Mace
  • Bolivia: Mesa’s 90 Days are Up, by Laurie Cole
  • Canada and Illicit Drug Issues in the Americas, by Stephen Bolton
  • Civil Society Mobilizes for the Democratic Stability of the Dominican Republic, by Miriam Diaz
  • Culture and Controversy at the Havana Book Fair, by Ana J. Faya
  • Editorial: Haiti: Another Human Disaster by International Stalemate, by John W. Graham

    FOCAL POINT, Vol. 3, No. 1 - January 2004
    Feature articles:
  • The Special Summit of the Americas, by John W. Graham
  • US Trade Strategies and the FTAA Process, by Nicola Phillips
  • Guatemala’s New President and the Challenges Ahead, by Claudia Paguaga
  • Cuba’s Internet Paradox: New Restrictions Amidst Ongoing Upgrades, by Cristina Warren
  • Editorial: What is Paul Martin’s Americas Policy? by Paul Haslam

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