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FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 11 - 
November-December 2003

Feature articles:

  • The Guatemalan Elections and the Challenges of Peace and Development, by Marco Fonseca
  • Costa Rica: Uncertainty and Change in an Old Democracy, by Luis G. Solís
  • After Cancún Failed: What Next for Argentina, MERCOSUR and the FTAA? by Mariana Vázquez
  • Colombia: Referendum Fallout Weakens Uribe, by Judy Meltzer
  • Limited Reach: The Special Conference on Security, by Francine Jácome
  • FTAA: The Common Tragedy of Losing the Single Undertaking, by Donald R. Mackay
  • Editorial: FTAA Washout in Miami, by Aaron Cosbey

FOCAL POINT, Special Edition, No. 2 - November 2003

The Free Trade Agreement of the Americas

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 10 - 
October 2003

Feature articles:

  • The Special Summit: So Many Initiatives, So Few Institutions, by Richard Feinberg
  • Brazil: From Cancún to Miami, by Florencia Jubany
  • Uncertain Future for the Concertación Coalition in Chile?, by Patricio Navia
  • El Salvador: Peace Accords, Elections and the Military, by Antonio Martínez-Uribe
  • A New Round in the US-Cuba Conflict, by Ana J. Faya
  • Editorial - Observing the Observers: Elections in the Americas, by John W. Graham

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 9 - 
September 2003

Feature articles:

  • Establishing the Truth, Fighting the Apathy: The Truth Commission Report in Peru, by Julio F. Carrión
  • The Mexican Dream: Finding a Way Out, Nathalie Gravel and Jorge Patiño Hernandez
  • Contrasting Visions of Cuban Society, by Ana J. Faya
  • The Bush Doctrine Versus a Hemispheric Security Agenda, by María Cristina Rosas
  • Editorial: After Cancún : Hope Fades for the FTAA

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 8 - August 2003
Feature articles:

  • Venezuela: A Fragmented Opposition Leans Towards Referendum, by Margarita López Maya
  • Guatemala’s Democracy in Jeopardy, by Dinorah Azpuru
  • Ecuador’s Coalition Crumbles, by Judy Meltzer
  • Argentina: The End of the “Automatic Majority”, by María Gabriela Spuches
  • The Good Governance Agenda, Good for Whom? by Francis Adams
  • Cuba: A New Face in the Internal Opposition, by Ana J. Faya

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 7 - July 2003
Feature articles:

  • The Mexican Mid-Term Elections: PRI Resurgent and Democracy Strengthened? by Pamela K. Starr
  • A North American Beef, by Robert A. Pastor
  • Seeking Partners: Canada, the Private Sector and Peacebuilding in Colombia, by Angelika Rettberg
  • Dominican Republic at the Crossroads, by José Zaragoza
  • Cuba: New Opportunities and Old Proposals, by Ana J. Faya

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 6 - June 2003
Feature articles:

  • Fugitive Fujimori: The Global Campaign for Extradition, by Catherine M. Conaghan
  • Uncertain Times for Maquiladoras in Yucatán, Mexico, by Nathalie Gravel
  • Kirchner versus the Supreme Court, by Maria Gabriela Spuches
  • A Calculated Blandness? The 2003 OAS General Assembly, by Laurie Cole and John W. Graham
  • Cuba: The Challenge of Reconciliation, by Cristina Warren
  • Which New Brazil? by Jean Daudelin
  • Editorial: Doing the FTAA-Lite, by Donald R. Mackay

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No.5 - May 2003
Feature articles:

  • Can Kirchner Overcome Menem’s Legacy? by Luigi Manzetti
  • Transnational Crime Overwhelming the Caribbean, by Sir Ronald Sanders
  • Border Dispute in the Caribbean Sea, by Eduardo García & Claudia Paguaga
  • Colombia: Hairline Cracks in the Hardline Policy, by Judy Meltzer
  • U.S. vs. Cuba: Going from Bad to Worse, by Ana J. Faya
  • Editorial: South America Looking Towards a “Continental Axis”

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 4 - April 2003
Feature articles:

  • Changed or Short-Changed? Argentina’s Presidential Elections 2003, by Florencia Jubany
  • In Oviedo’s Shadow: Elections in Paraguay, by Paul Haslam
  • Why has Portillo Lost Support in Guatemala? by Claudia Paguaga
  • Credibility of Canada’s Cuba Policy at Stake as Repression Grows, by Cristina Warren
  • Summitry: Can Canada Reach the Next Peak Without Oxygen? by John W. Graham

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 3 - March 2003
Feature articles:

  • Making Civil Society Relevant (Again), by Philip Oxhorn
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Democracy, by Maxwell A. Cameron
  • More than Peace Negotiations or Full-Fledged War, by Hernando Gomez Buendía
  • The Political Economy of the Salvadoran Elections, by Manuel Orozco
  • Cuba and the Non-Aligned Movement, by Ana J. Faya
  • Editorial: The Americas After Iraq

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 2 - 
February 2003

Feature articles:

  • The Emerging Hemispheric Democracy Regime, by Francis Adams
  • New Politics, Old Protests in Bolivia, by Judy Meltzer
  • Why Impeachment Failed in Paraguay, by Paul Haslam
  • Canada Supports De-mining in Central America, by Claudia Paguaga
  • Reinvigorating Canadian Policy Towards Cuba, by Cristina Warren
  • Editorial: What’s New, What’s Left in Latin America?

FOCAL POINT, Vol. 2, No. 1 - January 2003
Feature articles:

  • Lula Takes Office, Pragmatism Rules, by W. E. (Ted) Hewitt
  • Lucio Gutiérrez: Scenarios of Instability, by Adrián Bonilla
  • Changes in Cuba, by Ana J. Faya
  • A Story of Impunity in Peru, by Juan Miranda Sánchez
  • Editorial: Where is Canada’s Latin American Foreign Policy?

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