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December 2010, Focus on Gender
Vol. 9, No. 10


FOCAL Views: Equality for growth

Labour markets, household work and the care crisis
Inés Bustillo

La microfinance, un outil pour améliorer la situation des femmes en Haïti
Anne Gaboury

Microfinance: A tool for improving the situation of women in Haiti
Anne Gaboury

Mujeres peruanas y microempresas
Janina V. León

Peruvian women and microenterprises?
Janina V. León

Venezuela: La Violencia y el Efecto “Crowding-out” de Género
Natasha Morales E.

Venezuela: Violence and the “crowding-out” effect for women
Natasha Morales E.

Labour market, migration and economic growth in Chile
Marcelo Charlin


Study underscores inequality for Afro-descendant and indigenous populations

LAC countries improve gender equality ratings

New operational policy for gender equality

November 2010
Vol. 9, No. 9

FOCAL Views: Are we competitive in our own hemisphere?

Continuity and change: Latinos and U.S. midterm elections
Manuel Orozco and Katherine Scaife

Forecasting California-Canada relations
Daniel J. Smith and Patrick James

Des présidentielles d’Halloween : le Brésil dans l’obscurité?
Jean Daudelin

Brazil's Halloween elections: Too much mystery?
Jean Daudelin

¿Chile privatizará las semillas?
René Montalba N.

Will Chile privatize its seeds?
René Montalba N.

Getting money into the hands of Haiti’s poorest
Leigh Carter

Una mano de obra barata: los trabajadores agrícolas temporales en Québec
Mayra Roffe Gutman and Annie Lapalme

Cheap labour: Seasonal agricultural workers in Québec
Mayra Roffe Gutman and Annie Lapalme


U.S. Midterm elections: A forecast of relations with LAC

Corruption report delivers worrying results

Costa Rica and Nicaragua engage in border dispute

October 2010, Commemorative Edition
Vol. 9, No. 8 

FOCAL genesis
Edgar J. Dosman

La genèse de FOCAL
Edgar J. Dosman

Twenty years later: Canada’s role in the OAS and the hemisphere
José Miguel Insulza

Vingt ans plus tard : Le Canada au sein de l’OÉA et dans l’hémisphère
José Miguel Insulza

The role FOCAL was born to play
Joe Clark

Un rôle taillé sur mesure pour FOCAL
Joe Clark

Realizing Canada’s potential in the hemisphere: 20 years in the OAS
Peter Kent

Canada is a vital partner in the Americas
Arturo Valenzuela

Québec and the Americas: A natural partnership
Monique Gagnon-Tremblay

Le Québec et les Amériques : un partenariat naturel
Monique Gagnon-Tremblay

Québec y las Américas: una asociación natural
Monique Gagnon-Tremblay

O Quebec e as Américas: uma parceria natural
Monique Gagnon-Tremblay

Working to reduce poverty and inequality in the hemisphere
Beverley J. Oda

Canada, the IDB and the Americas: Development and prosperity
Luis Alberto Moreno

Building on our strengths: Looking ahead to the next 20 years
Rick Waugh

Canada’s trade activity in the Americas
Peter Van Loan

Canada’s vital partnership with Latin America
Alejandro Toledo Manrique

Canada and the OAS: The way forward
Martha Hall Findlay

September 2010
Vol. 9, No. 7

FOCAL Views: Canada and Colombia: Building on progress

A política externa brasileira depois de Lula
João Augusto de Castro Neves

Brazilian foreign policy after Lula 
João Augusto de Castro Neves

Latin America: A threat to Canada’s security?
Stephen J. Randall

Crime and crisis in Jamaica
Don Robotham

Youth violence and organized crime: A research agenda
Markus Gottsbacher

Pérou : défis du développement local en région minière
Émilie Lemieux 

Peru: challenges of local development in mining regions
Émilie Lemieux


Bombardier invests in Mexican aerospace industry


Venezuelan elections could hold weighty consequences

Mexico boosts tariffs on U.S. products

July - August 2010
Vol. 9, No. 6 


FOCAL Views: The path to stability

Honduran muddle: Elections and international mismanagement
John W. Graham

L’Amérique centrale et l’Union européenne scellent un Accord d’Association
Gabriel Coulombe

Central America seals association deal with EU
Gabriel Coulombe

Cuando los torturados gobiernan
Alberto Vergara

When torture victims govern
Alberto Vergara

Biotechnology to combat climate change
Stephanie Batchelor

Vers des sommets nord-américains plus inclusifs?
Christine Fréchette

Toward more inclusive North American summits?
Christine Fréchette

Citizen democracy for renewed multilateralism
Gabriel Murillo

Report from Haiti: Urgent need for tangible signs of progress
Johanna Mendelson Forman


Latin America satisfied with G20 results

UNESCO selects Jean as Special Envoy for Haiti

Peru leads world’s coca production

Central America: World’s first landmine-free region

June 2010
Vol. 9, No. 5


FOCAL Views: Regional challenges in education

Latin America's education challenges call for concrete action
Tamara Ortega Goodspeed

Maestro: agente central en el sistema educativo
Cesar Guadalupe

Teachers as primary agents of educational systems
Cesar Guadalupe

Bolivia: Descentralización y calidad de la educación
María Cristina Mejía

Bolivia: Decentralization and quality of education
María Cristina Mejía

Redefining success in Aboriginal learning in Canada
Jarrett Laughlin and Dilys Leman

Redéfinir la réussite de l’apprentissage chez les Autochtones au Canada
Jarrett Laughlin et Dilys Leman

Inserción laboral de jóvenes en Venezuela
Daniel Mogollón Muñoz

Youth entry into workforce in Venezuela
Daniel Mogollón Muñoz


Colombian election candidate stresses education as platform

Bridging the digital divide

Poor countries not meeting education targets: UNESCO

IDB pledges to reform Haiti's education

Education pays off for Canda's Aboriginal women: study

May 2010, Focus on Canada-Mexico
Vol. 9, No. 4


FOCAL Views: Setting the bilateral table

Canada and Mexico: Strategic partners
Francisco Barrio-Terrazas

Taking the Initiative: Canada and Mexico at a crossroads
Agustín Barrios Gómez

The Canada-Mexico relationship: A view from inside the Beltway
Armand Peschard-Sverdrup

Canada and Mexico strengthen sub-national diplomacy
David Parks

México-Canadá: Construyendo la arquitectura de seguridad de América del Norte
Raúl Benítez Manaut

Mexico-Canada: Building North America’s security framework
Raúl Benítez Manaut

Knowledge transfer to tackle childhood obesity in Mexico
Ian Janssen and Juan López Taylor


Calderón to conduct visit to Canada

Calderón to visit Washington

Mexico supports electoral assistance missions

EDC boosts business loans

Alberta signs declaration with Veracruz

April 2010
Vol. 9, No. 3


FOCAL Views: A corporate accountability bill of no avail

Latin America and Caribbean states create new regional bloc
José Antonio Zabalgoitia

Les États latino-américains et caribéens créent leur bloc régional
José Antonio Zabalgoitia

Still invisible: Persons with disabilities in post-quake Haiti
Cassandra Phillips, Steven Estey and Mary Ennis

Pensar la relación México-Canadá
Olga Abizaid

Thinking through the Canada-Mexico relationship
Olga Abizaid

Advancing the agriculture for development agenda
Luc Lapointe

Cuba in the 2010s: Creative reform or geriatric paralysis?
Archibald R. M. Ritter

El siguiente nivel del conflicto colombiano
Juan Camilo Clavijo Martín

The next level in the Colombian conflict
Juan Camilo Clavijo Martín


UNAIDS calls for an end to stigma

Kenney criticized for refugee policy

OAS elections show consistency

March 2010, Focus on Haiti
Vol. 9, No. 2


FOCAL Views: Thinking through Haiti

Obama and the Haitian earthquake
Daniel P. Erikson

Entre stabilisation et reconstruction: L’Amérique latine au chevet d’Haïti
David Morin

Between stabilization and reconstruction: Latin America at Haiti’s side
David Morin

Haiti’s educational moment
Jeffrey Puryear and Michael Lisman

Taking direction from the grassroots
Jenny Petrow

Haiti’s other side: The diaspora’s solidarity and realism
Manuel Orozco

Building big in Haiti
Yves Savain

Aide et reconstruction durables en Haïti
Melina Schoenborn et Myriam Fehmiu

Aid and sustainable reconstruction in Haiti
Melina Schoenborn and Myriam Fehmiu

La diaspora haïtienne : conscience et moteur économique
Kerlande Mibel

The Haitian diaspora: Conscience and economic engine
Kerlande Mibel


Bank gives boost to Haitians

Mexico's effort in Haiti

The Governor General visits Haiti

Further plans for Haiti

February 2010
Vol. 9, No. 1 


FOCAL Views: Election monitoring in the Americas

Canada in Haiti: Beyond anything we have attempted before
Carlo Dade

Drought aggravates food insecurity in Honduras and Guatemala
Christian Smets

Segunda victoria consecutiva: Todos los ojos sobre Evo Morales
Ronald Rojas y Tandy Shephard

Second time around: All eyes on Evo Morales
Ronald Rojas and Tandy Shephard

Une industrie qui mine les relations canado-mexicaines?
Christine Fréchette et Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert

Mining: High stakes for Canada-Mexico relations
Christine Fréchette and Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert

Andean glaciers vanish, add socio-economic strains
Dirk Hoffmann

La Marche mondiale des femmes : 10 ans de solidarité globale
Pascale Dufour et Isabelle Giraud

World March of Women: 10 years of global solidarity
Pascale Dufour and Isabelle Giraud


Obituary: Carlos Rico Ferrat

LAC exports drop: ECLAC

Aid needed to address marginalization in education




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