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Policy Papers & Briefs 2007

The Impact of Canadian Labour Experience on the Households of Mexicans: A Seminal View on Best Practices
Gustavo Verduzco
FOCAL Policy Paper
October 2007

The Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP), which allows Mexico to send migrant farm workers to Canada since 1974, has been touted as a model guest worker program complete with best practices. The SAWP is designed to address a specific problem in the Canadian farming sector where harvesters of perishable produce, especially in summer, are in short supply. Participants in the program, namely poor Mexican peasants or day labourers, are authorized to work in Canada where they enjoy a totally different quality of life. Given the legality of the labour flows, this program eliminates the need for smugglers and also reduces travelling and housing costs for these migrant farm workers.


Canada in the Americas: The Ebbs and Flows of Assuming a Significant Role
Vladimir Torres
FOCAL Policy Paper
October 2007



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