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Research Papers & Reports 2007

Haiti: Real Progress, Real Fragility
FOCAL and Inter-American Dialogue Special Report
November 2007

Haitian President René Préval says that his country no longer deserves its “failed state” stigma, and he is right. Haiti’s recent progress is real and profound, but it is jeopardized by continued institutional dysfunction, including the government’s inexperience in working with Parliament. There is an urgent need to create jobs, attract investment, overhaul and expand access to basic social services, and achieve tangible signs of economic recovery. Now that the United Nations has extended its peacekeeping mandate until October 2008, the international community must seek ways to expand the Haitian state’s capacity to absorb development aid and improve the welfare of the population. The alternative could be dangerous backsliding.
Also available in Spanish: Haití: Progreso Tangible pero Frágil


Canadian Perceptions of Latin America and the Caribbean
FOCAL Survey Report
October 2007

Canadian Perceptions of Latin America and the Caribbean - Survey Data
Léger Marketing, FOCAL and Association of Canadian Studies
October 2007


Diasporas and Private Sector Development: Impacts and Opportunities
Carlo Dade and Per Unheim
FOCAL Research Paper
April 2007

The objective of this report is to provide information to better enable Canadian policy-makers tobetter understand how diaspora communities contribute to private sector development (PSD) intheir countries of origin and how donors such as the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) might be able to assist them in doing so.


Role of the Private Sector in Improving Educational Outcomes in Haiti
FOCAL Conference Report
February 2007


A View of the Hemisphere



Explore the link between governance and development.