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The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is no longer in operation. This website documents FOCAL's activities and accomplishments throughout its existence. Thank you for your interest in the work of FOCAL.

Research Papers & Reports 2006

The Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME): The Case for Tracking Impacts on Women and Men
Sherril A. Thompson
May 2006
This paper identifies some preliminary indicators that can be used to monitor the impact of the CSME on women and men, and makes recommendations concerning roles and responsibilities for the data collection and analysis, and the specific data to collect to ensure a capacity to report on the impact of CSME by gender and age. 

Strengthening of the Ibero-American Conference: Likely Impact on the Inter-American System and Canada's Influence in the Americas
FOCAL Strategy Paper
April 2006
This paper explores potential implications of the reinvigoration of the Ibero-American Conference for the Inter-American system and Canada’s projection in the region.

The Ibero-American Conference: Prospects for Future Development
Joaquín Roy
FOCAL Research Paper
April 2006

Recent Chinese Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Canadian Perspective
Florencia Jubany and Daniel Poon
FOCAL Research Paper
March 2006
This paper explores the triangular impact of China’s involvement in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) for Canadian interests in the region. It looks at the political dimensions of Sino-Latin American relations, considers issuesthat are of particular importance to Canadian policy in the Americas, and assesses whether these could be affected byChinese activity in LAC. The report also examines sub-regional and country-specific dynamics and draws implicationsfor Canadian foreign policy in the Western Hemisphere. 


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