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Event Report: An États Généraux for Haiti. Third Roundtable of the Willson House Process

August 2011

Clark et Preval IVIn May 2011, leaders of the principal private enterprises and private sector associations of Haiti and international donors convened in Washington, D.C. for a roundtable meeting on the role of the Haitian private sector in the development of Haiti. The objective of the meeting was to focus on actions to enable and improve effective co-operation between the private sector, the new government of Haiti and international donors to promote growth, good governance and development. In addition to broad areas of public and private governance and economic growth, participants discussed Haitian manufacturing, agriculture, technology, tourism and improvements in economic competitiveness. The  key ideas that emerged from the discussions and preparatory work for the meeting done by the Haitian private sector are intended to inform and guide the development of an états généraux to be held in Haiti in the summer of 2011.



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