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The Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL) is no longer in operation. This website documents FOCAL's activities and accomplishments throughout its existence. Thank you for your interest in the work of FOCAL.

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1 Caribbean Policy Research Policy Institute (CaPRI)
The Caribbean Policy Research Policy Institute (CaPRI) is an economics focused think tank, which is a first for the Caribbean region. The reports produced by CaPRI have included studies on: Corruption in Jamaica, Jamaica's Foreign Policy, the Impact of Hurricane Dean, and Informal Investment Schemes in Jamaica and Educational Reform in Jamaica. The Caribbean Policy Research Institute is also dedicated to the involvement and utilization of the intellectual resources of Caribbean youth and the diaspora. CaPRI has relied on our young but experienced network to produce quality work which is changing the inputs and even content of the policy process in the Caribbean. The flexibility of the collaborative network approach also facilitates the input of the Diaspora, without relocation to the Caribbean, though CaPRI does offer visiting fellowships. This structure also facilitates the input of international consultants and experts allowing for an international, intergenerational and Caribbean perspective to CaPRI's Research.

2 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is Canada's lead agency for development assistance. CIDA's aim is to manage Canada's support and resources in an effective and accountable way to get results and to engage in policy development in Canada and internationally. CIDA is a primary funder of FOCAL's work.

3 Centre d'études interaméricaines, Université Laval
The Centre d'études interaméricaines was created to conduct research on the development of inter-American cooperation in the wake of the initiatives taken at the Summits of the Americas in areas such as economic integration and free trade, democracy and human rights, health and education, hemispheric security, and sustainable development.

4 Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales (COMEXI)
El Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales (COMEXI) es el primer y hasta ahora único foro plural y multidisciplinario abocado al debate y análisis sobre el papel de México en el mundo y la creciente influencia de los acontecimientos internacionales en el quehacer nacional. Su objetivo es construir un marco dentro del cual mexicanos y extranjeros puedan discutir temas internacionales, con el propósito principal de proveer información y propiciar el análisis entre sus asociados.

5 Fundación Prensa y Democracia México (PRENDE)
The Mexican Foundation of Press and Democracy, a FOCAL partner in the Mapping the Media project.

6 Fundación para la Educación Superior y el Desarrollo (FEDESAROLLO)
FEDESAROLLO, based in Colombia, is dedicated to creating links between universities, government and the private sector in research on economic policy and development. Themes of research include economic integration, international trade, structural reform, social and economic development and labour market analysis.

7 Geographic Information Systems Lab, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina
Argentinian partner with FOCAL's Mapping the Media project.

8 Inter-American Dialogue
The Inter-American Dialogue is FOCAL's sister think tank and partner, based in Washington, D.C., United States.

9 International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a Crown corporation created by the Parliament of Canada in 1970 to help developing countries use science and technology to find practical, long-term solutions to the social, economic, and environmental problems they face. IDRC is supporting FOCAL's Hemispheric Think Tank Initiative to provide policy ideas for the Summit of the Americas.

10 Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences Guatemala (FLACSO)
FLACSO Guatemala is part of the Latin American School of Social Sciences (FLACSO), a UNESCO initiative founded in 1957. It was a FOCAL partner with the Mapping the Media project.

11 Latin American Research Centre, University of Calgary
The Latin American Research Centre (LARC) brings together University of Calgary researchers from diverse disciplines and faculties to collaborate on research relevant to the academic, business, government and global communities, including public policy research on current issues.

12 Latinobarómetro
Latinobarómetro is an annual public opinion survey carried out in 17 Latin American countries by the Corporación Latinobarómetro. It expresses the opinions, attitudes, and behaviours of the around 400 million inhabitants of the region. It is a private, non-profit initiative for use by the social and political sectors of the region.

13 North-South Institute (NSI)
The North-South Institute (NSI) is the only independent research institute in Canada focused on international development. The Institute conducts research on Canada's relations with developing countries and on a wide range of foreign policy issues. Established in 1976, NSI is a non-profit and non-partisan organization.

14 Metropolis
Metropolis is an international network for comparative research and public policy development on migration, diversity, and immigrant integration in cities in Canada and around the world.

15 Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Centre of Applied Geography
The Centre of Applied Geography in Peru was a FOCAL partner with the Mapping the Media project.

16 Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Geography Institute
UNAM's Geography Institute was a partner in FOCAL's Mapping the Media in the Americas project.

17 Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Department of Social Sciences, Argentina
Argentinian partners for FOCAL's Mapping the Media project.

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